From Whitley's science-fiction dance opera  Terrible Lips  (2011). Photo by Daniel Strange.

From Whitley's science-fiction dance opera Terrible Lips (2011). Photo by Daniel Strange.

Carmen Elektra was founded in 2010 by Thom Andrewes, Will Gardner and Kate Whitley. The collective aims to rehabilitate opera by dispensing of its many cultural and aesthetic trappings and by focusing on productions that are relevant to contemporary society, as well as to modern youth and popular cultures.

To this end, Carmen Elektra developed the 'opera club night' – an evening of short, accessible and engaging operas interspersed with DJ sets of multi-genre electronic and experimental music, and inspired by a unique and unconventional performance location.

Since its inception, Carmen Elektra has produced ten operas including four premières – most recently the european première of Jacob Cooper's dark electronic Britney Spears fantasy Timberbrit.